Double Needle Four Stitches
Our sewing technique is a double stitch stitching with four stitches at the bottom stress point. For most inflatable games, the pillars, entrances, and step corners are easy to break. Most manufacturers do not have any special reinforcement, but we will carefully use additional reinforcement ribs to ensure all these details to ensure that customers use Without any problems,the service life of the inflatable device actually exceeds 3 years.

High Temperature Heat Sealing
High precision thermal welding machine and gas filled products for cutting plates. We can perfectly seal all materials into any reasonable inflation equipment and effectively heat all airtight inflation equipment with the highest quality standard. Excellent heat sealing process can make the appearance of the product smoother and the service life longer.

 Process details 

Rock climb connect with floor double reinforcement (inside PVC+sewing) Exclusive design, water park ladder pedal, more convenient for climbing after falling into the water. Ladder step have reinforcement by black strap, prevent product damage after children step on the ladder. Ladder have handrails two sides,we suggest handrail height is 0.475m, 0.475m is enough for a child to hold.
Add a PVC line at the beginning and end of the baffle. Close seam additional material for air hard go out. Make sewing clip at the beginning and end of the baffle.

Bend the corner at the beginning and end of the baffle.

Wave shaped intake pipe is provided, and the blower can be moved at will. Add guardrails and sea mats at the exit of the slide. For d-ring we need use only 0.55mm 1000D material,Need use double 5cm black straps, Need use wide metal unsplit ring. Double reinforcement is added at the stressed part, which is more durable.