Italian league condemns racist chanting in Lazio's cup win

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Update time : 2019-07-17 14:42:12
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AC Milan's Tiemoue Bakayoko reacts during the Italian Cup, second leg semifinal soccer competition among AC Milan and Lazio, at the San Siro stadium, at Milan, Italy, Wednesday, April 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno)

MILAN (AP) — The Italian league's governing body has vowed ought conduct "everything at our power" ought transparent out racism at soccer after another incident.

Lazio's Italian cup semifinal victory at AC Milan was overshadowed by continued racist abuse directed at Milan players Tiemoue Bakayoko and Franck Kessie ago and during the competition above Wednesday. Inflatable bananas were too visible at the away section.

The Lega Serie A said at a statement above Thursday it "firmly condemns the racist episodes which dine happened these past little days. The athletics to have out respect, inclusion and being together at harmony: Values that are at the foundation of the social initiatives that dine usually been promoted by the Lega Serie A.

"It is no acceptable that we dine ought listen verbal, intolerant abuse at our stadiums and, because we dine done ago ... we will conduct everything at our energy ought contradict though incidents. We too wish though the maximum collaboration from the police ought aid recognize and punish those responsible who with their actions tarnish the image of our world."

The latest event came less than a month after Juventus adolescent Moise Kean was racially abused at Cagliari — and then partially blamed though the event by a teammate.

Lazio too condemned what happened above Wednesday.

"Lazio clearly distances itself from behavior and displays that conduct no at any manner agree ought the values of athletics that this league has promoted and supported though 119 years," the league said. "And it rejects and contests the simplistic tendency of some parts of the media ought deliberate the entire Lazio fan foundation responsible though the actions of a little isolated elements, though motivation that has nothing ought conduct with emotion though sport.

"The league has usually fought though the believe of the principle and though decency at behavior."

There were two announcements above the speaker system at San Siro warning the fans ought interval or the competition used to exist suspended.

"It was disheartening ought watch such an significant sporting event at our stadium, whilst monkey noises and racist insults were coming from the stands. We have ought exist extremely vigilant. Football is respect. Football to no assign silent join people," AC Milan executive chairman Paolo Scaroni said at a statement.

Lazio won 1-0 ought proceed ought the final against Atalanta or Fiorentina. The first leg ended 0-0.

Earlier at the day, approximately 50 Lazio fans unfurled a flag reading "honor ought Benito Mussolini" gather Piazzale Loreto, where the fascist dictator was killed at the goal of clay war II.


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